Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chainchomp-S/T Tape

Grab your denim jacket, bust out the whips and chains and prepare to fucking slam. Chainchomp was a short lived band from Denton, Texas (only lasting about 5 months). Made up of former members of Meaner Demeanor and Bokonon, a revolving door of drummers (including Miles of Two Knights and Johnny of Innards) and Payton Green of Wiccans/Video/Glowgod this band was a powerhouse live. 

Music here is hard hitting punk like you like to hear in this new day and age and the intro to this tape is probably still one of my favorite intros in this new wave of Hardcore. Payton Lower's maniac vocals in a frenzy over the chaos what is the music. Just hit this already.

I remember seeing just about all of this bands shows (with the exception of the Sin Motivo tape release) and remember people going hard for them every time (I took a thumb to my left eye moshing for them one night). Sadly the band fell apart in June 2013, with only Daniel and Payton Green coming out and still making tunes. While Chainchomp has never been officially declared dead there is hope for one more show one day, until then go nuts.