Monday, July 21, 2014


Greetings and felicitations, malefactors! It has been a while and life has had its share of cramming shit into my face, what with Paranoid Anxieties, the tour with Common Ignorance and attempting to wade my way through the nearly 20 hours of footage on my computer life has been busy. In any case I have just returned from a trip to the northeast, a rather dull one in all honesty, but that time has given me a chance to sit down and listen to some new bands that I have crammed into an ipod for the journey. And the biggest obsession of this journey has been Slave House.

I have yet to drag my way through to web in an attempt to find any information about this band. But in the little studies I have done thus far I've found there is little information about this band out there which, truthfully, makes it all the more appealing to me, because, lets face it I have a big soft spot for mysterious guy music. 

As far as the music goes, super raw, blackened punk with a Bone Awl sort of vibe to it. The thing about the music here is the riffs on this are so goddamned catchy that they get stuck in your head and make you want to come back for it more and more. The third track,"Sacred Flesh" is the best in that it has a superb pogo, 1-2 beat to it.

I found out that this tape is out and copies are circulating around the net, but download it now and hunt yourself down a copy.

(I would also like to thank Kavon from Common Ignorance for letting me know about this band, thanks Princess!)