Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mass Sterilization - Punk Sounds

Mass Sterilization was a band from Fort Worth/Denton that was around way before I stumbled into punk. Made up of dudes who would be in bands such as Wiccans, Teenage Cool Kids, Institute, Sin Motivo, Collick and more. The band's style is the blown out, messy, My War worship that was around in the day akin to bands like Cult Ritual, White Wards and SQRM. 

I don't really know why or when Mass Sterilization folded, but many times Jeramy has babbled about how they played an early show in his living room and how stoked he was on it. People seem to have forgotten about this band, or never really heard of it to begin with. It's worth the listen as well was their split with No Man's Slave from OKC. 

Treatment - Tape 1

Treatment was a band from Denton that was around for only about nine or so months. When they formed they quickly won over NTX with the high energy and vocalist Leech's antics. And yes, they are that band that sounds like Crazy Spirit.

I'm happy I got to see the start of this band and see their closure, as well as almost all of their North Texas shows. Like most I was bummed to hear they were calling it quits so early, but they made their mark and now the dudes are onto other things.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Black Hole - Land Of Mystery

There are many bands that existed in the pre-internet world that never really did much beyond their bubble. Probably released a record or two and faded into the oblivion. The internet has helped many of these bands breathe a second life. 

Black Hole was a band from Italy that existed in the mid to late eighties. They released a slew of demos and in the middle of that came an LP called Land of Mystery. The band caved in 1990 and not much was heard until the reissues came in the 2000s. 

Soundwise, Black Hole mixes the Power/Doom Metal stylings of Candlemass with the haunting horror movie style snyth of Goblin. The two elements blend together wonderfully to create something truly haunting and doesn't feel too dated. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument

In 2012 when I was a wee, dumb ass lad of 18 I went to my first house show at the Lions Den in Denton. Still new to a lot of things I kind of clung to my friend Schiller that night, one of the few people I knew at the time. Schiller had the aux and was playing one of the most bizarre bands I'd heard at that point. The band was Oranssi Pazuzu.

Oranssi Pazuzu is a Finnish, Psychedelic Black Metal band which most of their lyrics and approach concerning space, but with a black metal view-point. The out-put is hypnotizing, and I have yet to hear anything remotely similar to Oranssi. 

If you're a fan of Black Metal, you should download this, if you're not a fan, you should download this. 

Hot Cakes - June 27th Demo

You know those times when you're together with some friends, you make a joke about forming a band in this-or-that manner? Hot Cakes is what happened when a joke from tour became a band. 

Hot Cakes is Common Ignorance minus Jenn. All three of the dudes playing the same instruments, but with Der performing vocals as well as guitar. The snottiness of this band cannot be understated. I really wish this had become an actual live band or that they had done something other than this tape. Who Knows?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Recide - Statues

I'm sure this has been posted somewhere else//other times. Oh well, I don't care. I'm posting this because Recide is a band that really never seems to see the credit they truly deserve. Let me elaborate on this; Recide was a band from Austin, Texas who shared members with other Austin bands you probably listen to. This band was the first False Form band (Albert was one half of the founding duo of that label). Recide helped kick-start the 2012 wave of punk in Texas. If you talk to most anyone from Texas about this band you will hear nothing but adoration, and with good reasoning. 

Personally, Recide was one of the first punk bands I ever saw when I started going to shows. The very first time I went to 1919 in 2012 I saw these guys. Their tape on Not Normal was one of the first demos I ever picked up. The point is, I have a soft spot for this band, and I'm happy I was there to see their final goodbye in Chicago last summer. 

All I can say is download this. Download it and tear apart your room. And thank you Albert.