Monday, September 15, 2014


I would love to thank the hellhole of a website known as tumblr for helping me to find out about this incredible band. Myrkur is a one woman Black Metal band from Denmark, blending the old second wave styles of Darkthrone and Ulver with classical and very natural sounding somber moments, similar to what some of the Cascadian Black Metal bands are coming up with. 

This LP just dropped, but it is very much worth your time to pick this up if you are at all into black metal, as it feels like a strong breath of fresh air. But decide for yourself and download here. 

Raspberry Bulbs-Nature Tries Again

Raspberry Bulbs were initially introduced to me through some internet research on Sexdrome, and I happened upon the anxiety ridden jangling masterpiece known as "Deformed Worship". Not long after when I was searching in a local record store, "Recycled" of Denton, I happened upon a bloodstained copy of this magnificent record.

Now when I say bloodstained, I mean that in a literal sense, the cover of this record had dried blood on it. Make of that what you will. 

That aside this record is phenomenal, written before the jangling punk mess of "Deformed Worship", "Nature Tries Again" is more on the Black Metal side of things for this band, low growls and moans with a more menacing approach of the raw black metal/blackened punk affair. 

Wiccans-Demo (2009)

At this point if you do not know of Wiccans, you are fucking up, leave this blog go find an MP3 for Field II and immerse yourself in the psychedelic hardcore madness. If you do then I present you with this gem. This is the first set of Wiccans recordings from back in 2009. Put out by British label "Eat a Book" I have been long scouring the web for these songs (I own the two separate versions of this tape myself but I wanted the world to hear this without having to hunt this bastard down). 

The tape for the most part is the Teenage Cults Mini-LP with some songs from Skullduggery sprinkled in, but all this raw, muddy fierceness. Interesting bit of trivia is that the song from this tape "Drop Out" would later mutate into the song "Ephemera" on 2011's Skullduggery.

But the point is, if you want to hear a bit of North Texas punk history then download now.  
And in better news, Wiccans is working on a third LP, get stoked.