Monday, November 30, 2015

Christi California Mailday Extravaganza

In all reality two of these I copped at Not Dead Yet, but one of them came in the mail last week so it makes it easier w/e. However, the point is I'm kind of surprised some of this hasn't made it to the blogspot circuit yet, but then again everyone is fucking lazy so yeah. These are three new tapes from Northwest Indiana's cesspool of insane riffage and unending music from the same five musicians. Rips are from the tapes and all are still available from Christi's mail order distro at the time of posting this.

Dagger-Live 10/20/15New fast, and I do mean fast, punk from Indiana featuring the drummer of The Coneheads. Barely any breakdowns and just some, no-nonsense punk. Side B is a sampler of future releases to come from NWI.

G.S.B.-Goldman's Beat
I don't know much about this one aside from it's just Mark. Kind of like the Hot Beef stuff but more along the lines of Coneheads songwriting. Telephone Bore is more of a poppy song and it's catchy as fuck.

D.L.I.M.C. - Mushrooms On My Ass B/W (I've Been Livin' In) Macaulay Culkin's Brain
New Cassingle. Jam it.

Beta Boys - II HC Tales

Beta Boys are a band from KCMO, if you don't know already then you've probably been under a rock since 2014. It's slippery, gooey mid-west punk drowned out in drugs and feedback. 

Just spent a weekend rolling around Texas with these guys and Seattle's Lysol and copped this tape, among others. Rip is from the second addition which was dubbed over thrift store tapes. Get stoked for the upcoming 7" that's coming out in 2016. The thing is a beefy monster recorded by a punk and mastered by a hip-hop producer.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Being the dumb ass I am, I forgot to post this the other day when I intended, but you know, better late than never. But I'm going to start uploading mixes online, around a monthly basis. This is the November mix which is centralized around Noise, Ambient, Black Metal and "Evil" punk and hardcore with a little bit of "other" thrown in. Two hours of festering filth. Track listing is included in the download.