Friday, August 26, 2016

Warm Bodies - Burnin' Orange CS

The year is 2016. And from the depths of this death trap of a year has come the best band in contemporary punk; Warm Bodies. Formed from a crew of complete weirdos in Kansas City, Missouri, some of them were in other bands but at this point you only need to focus on this band and how INCREDIBLE they are. 

So here dear internet people punks is the bod's tour tape "Burnin' Orange" featuring four new bangers and a Rocky Horror mash-up sent from the bowels of hell. But I mean, don't take my dumb ass word for it listen to this and bask into their hellacious glory.

Skeleton - Tour CS

Skeleton is best band from Austin right now. fight me.

Karger Traum - Alles Auf Einmal CS

So on night one of Noids tour in OKC, I found this tape in Ross' distro. I had no idea what this was, all I did know is that I wanted it. This artwork called out to me. So after buying it Ross explained that it was Tmac of American Hate's solo Synth project from when he was teaching in Germany.

What I got was a great tape of slow, pulsating dark ambient synth hell. Kind of flows in the style of 80's soundtracks, with Tmac howling over the rhythm in German, Highly recommended.

Manneqin - 3 Songs + 3 More

I posted this band's Cassingle in last year's round-up post. Part of me thought this band went kapuut when Judah bounced from NWI to Bloomington. Well, oh boy was I wrong. 

On Noids tour I ran into Judah in Bloomington and copped this tape from him there. I was also surprised to hear this was a fully functioning live band now. This tape continues along the lines set by the cassingle and expands upon it. It's good, just download it already.

Lemonade CS

New blood Minneapolis Hardcore. Missed their set at Everything is Not OK and still sore about it. It's fast and it's snotty. Just download it now and spank some hams.

Megalith Grave - Black Enmity 7"

So, I figured this would be online at this point? Or I haven't searched the web enough. Idk. I bought this in the 2014 Youth Attack update. Very cold and evil Black Metal with touches of synth to add to the layers of frost. Tour De Garde's name is on it so you know it's good.

Dog Days Of Summer Mix

It's been a while since I posted a mix no-one will listen to!

Check it out, all the spankin'est nublud hardcore and ponk that is true blue and sick as hell, coupled into a narrative from one of the most underrated cartoons ever. Someone out there will think its dumb

Monday, August 22, 2016

Marty's World CS

What the hell is up nerds???? Well it's been a minute. Life is strange, depression is hell and the world easily can bear down on you but whatever. You are here for the tunes, am I right my dudes? Hell yeah. 

On the subject of this tape, first of all I would like to say Marty is my hero and I love the dude (so much I have a tattoo now that is a reference to one of his bands). So what we have here is Marty's World a collection of the dude's most recent bands. Some I knew, others this is my first hearing. Last time I was in STLUSA he was telling me of his plans to unleash this on the world, and bless Baby's World for stocking up copies of this. 

So there's songs from Martin's most "renound" projects to date, The Dumpers and The Calories. A new track from possibly one of my favorite new bands that I'm dying to see, Mala Leche. If you haven't heard the first tape from Mala Leche, do yourself a favor and jam that puppy. A new, and final hit, from Lars. But the real juicy shit is in the new bands on this. I'd heard about Fried E.M. mostly because it was the new band of Jack from Lard Boys. I'd heard Marty talk about The Wad earlier this summer too which was cool to see them wind up on this. But BB Eye was the real surprise on here that caught my eye, featuring vocalist of other Missouri hit maker Warm Bodies. In any case, new essential jams from your STLUSA slime baron. Hit this shit and hit it hard.

Also got some more hit makers slippin' and a slidin' down the pipes, keep them peepers peeled. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

City Hunter - Knife Protocol CS

Lets be real here. You know who City Hunter is. Whether or not you like them is up to debate but that is beside the point here. It's been nearly three years since the band's two and a half minute demo was unleashed upon the contemporary hardcore climate. Youth Attack buttholes like me have been waiting for this. 

So here it is, this is a rip of my tape which literally came in today 6/6/16. Lucifer smiles upon me on this most evil day. Lap it up you fucking dorks.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Rik & The Pigs - Volume II CS

I'm sort of surprised that this tape hasn't made it to the world of the blogspots yet, but somehow I also shouldn't be. So this is Rik & The Pigs who were from Portland, but I think has since been relocated to Olympia. At Everything is Not OK, my friend Steven made the remark that this band sounds like a 1960's Detroit rendition of Lumpy & The Dumpers (not getting that Rik is "Lumpy"'s older brother.)

Steven's description is pretty dead on, this band is goofy and fun in all sorts of ways. But who am I kidding, most of you probably all copped the demo when it went up on Lumpy Rex last year. In any case, this tape is a collection of recordings of Rik and his different pigs, some from the Total Punk 7", some from the demo, and some fresh bites. It's all damn good, Off/On being a personal favorite slice. 

Get sweaty and freaky, cause this shit is hot.

Nasti - The Tour Tape 2016 CS

Well again here I am on the same Friday night. And here is a fresh slice of the Northwest. This is Nasti from, Seattle/Olympia a band who's pedigree involves some of the minds that have brought us the wonderfully fucked up Vacant Life and White Wards and also includes one handsome pimp who can skateboard really good. 

I'd heard of the band here and there through the channels of the internet and didn't really connect until I met Ryan and Riley at This Is Austin and even further when I encountered the Nasti beast at Everything is Not OK (that pun was bad, please slap me). 

So this is the band's 2016 Tour tape featuring two new hits and a real nice Poison Idea cover. A little thinner sounding in the recording than their demo, but damn is it still some butt spanking hardcore.

Hairlong N Freeky - Disco N Speeky CS

So here I sit on a Friday night with nothing better to do than put music on my blogspot and watch season after season of South Park. It could be worse, it could be a lot worse, but that is beside the point. The point of this post is Hairlong N Freeky.

This is another NWI delectable so peoplepunx of the internet get ready. I first was let onto this band by a friend who saw it posted up on Albert's (Recide/Nosferatu among MANY others) youtube channel. What I was told is that it was a tape written out by Cody P. of CCTV, Blotter and many others. The tape has Mark Winter doing spoken word over the bizzaro music and that my friends is Hairlong N Freeky. 

I had the pleasure of seeing the one HLnF performance to date at This Is Austin, Not That Great in January. Where the group expanded with a large ensamble of Austin Mutants to perform their Disco music to a crowd of incredibly confused punks. 

Here it is, take it in and let it consume your very being.


Been a while since I posted one of my shit mixes, well here's a new one. Music that I always float to when the firm grip of summer comes to choke us all out until he gets tired and leaves us in October. FFO: Nosferatu (The Deadliest Foe), Gummo, Squak Box, and the feeling of not being able to catch a frog.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wild Child -2015 Tour Tape

One thing I've noticed is there's a lot of bands that until I see them their recordings don't stick with me. For some reason or another, whether it be poor recordings, the material released serves as a poor representation of the band, ect, ect. Noteworthy case was that I wasn't into Nuke Cult's "Join or Don't" until after I saw them. 

Now Wild Child, was a band I heard long before I saw, shame of it is I had an opportunity or two to see them. The first I was aware of was in 2012 when they played a pre-chaos matinee at Lions Den with Wiccans and Culo. I blew it and missed that one (Culo didn't play that due to contractual obligations with Parade of Flesh on the night show they played that night. I missed that gig too). But at the time I went and downloaded the Wild Child demo and gave it a listen or two and it didn't really phase me at the point and time. I was 18 and still discovering punk and still thought Insect Warfare was the best band to ever walk the Earth. 

I woke up and realized I was fucking stupid last summer when Baja & The Blasters played with Wild Child on their "farewell" tour in Fort Worth. I remember a lot about this night all too well. It was July in the house next door to 1919 Hemphill and it was hot as fuck (I wound up nearly getting heat exhaustion a couple days later). Joose from the Noids was drunk early and puking and wrestling people by the time Wild Child played. Also, did I mention wild Child fucking killed it? Because holy fuck they did. Antoine's energy and presence as a frontman was something to behold. I'm still pissed that they refused to do the CCR cover but that's another story entirely. 

The point of this long ramble, one is Wild Child is a criminally underrated band, two here's the tour tape that I picked up from them that night that I should've posted then, but y'know. Go listen to Uranium Club.

Also, yeah this tape is fucking incredible and Antoine is one of the best frontmen in widwestern hardcore and the best host to crash out with.

DJ BO Cassette

Behold, DJ BO. This is a project brought to you from Ben "B.O." Osborne of Ruz and Lumpy & The Dumpers among many others. The concept of this project is that BO started writing material for himself and began using a drum machine to flesh it out. In doing so it gave him opportunities to work with people he hadn't before. In the case of 7 of the ten collaborators on this tape, never been involved in bands before. This tape is fun, and it's cool to see where each track goes. My personal favorite on this is the song with other Lumpy member Ben Smith in it's weird post punk-y vibes. Download it, jam it and as BO says in the notes "start a band".

Also, I believe there is a bandcamp up for it but there is a "band" called Mala Leche that was born of this experiment featuring B.O. and Antoine of Wild Child.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

C.C.T.V. - Practice Tape 3.6.16

It's been a while since I've been on here. I lost my internet at home right after I got back from This is Austin Not That Great and have been hijacking people's internet where I can. I have other stuff I want to post but that will have to wait until another time. However, here you go internet people punks. New NWI ponk to slobber over. Hopefully I'm here before anyone tries to get (and or spend) absurd amounts of money on this tape. Download the rip and make your own copies.

That aside new CCTV I scooped at Everything is Not OK. I picked up a fuckload, and I mean a fuckload of tapes. These things happen when I go to fests with some dollar bills smashed into my pants pocket. I'm also going to say that EiNOk is THE best festival I have attended two years running. Eternal love and respect to Ross for doing what he does in the punk desert of OKC. I'll post what footage I shot when someone will let me leech off of their internet.

Oh, yeah the tape in question, its CCTV practicing. Predominately new tracks and a couple old ones. It's good, you don't need me to fucking tell you that.