Monday, May 18, 2015

THE MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB - The Minneapolis Uranium Club Performs Human Exploration

Do you ever have something sitting in the piles of your collection, either digital or physical, that you own and it just takes you for god damn ever to pick it up and listen to it? The Minneapolis Uranium Club has been another one of those tapes for myself. I picked this tape up on a whim after hearing Kale abd Ralph make fangirl squeaks when Matt from Chuckleheads had copies of this at Everything is Not OK. Well until yesterday (mind you Everything is Not OK was in March) when crawling the depths of discogs and finding the page on this tape I hadn't listened to it. I have been fucking up my dear friends. This tape is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnated world of contemporary punk. Choppy and strange, but at the same time infectiously catchy songwriting. 

To my knowledge this is the only thing the band has released to this point, but also it looks like Fashionable Idiots is rising from the grave to give these guys an LP. So there is that to look forward this summer (as if 2015 hasn't been bogged down with crazy good releases this year). Members of this band also seem to be in Nerv and Chuckleheads; two other bands well deserving of your attention.


Dirty Work was a band from Kansas City, MO that existed crawling and writhing in basements from early 2012 until the fall of 2014. The band's sound and style lied rooted in early eighties Midwestern punk coupled up with chaotic live shows which often featured vocalist Trae stripping naked when he felt it called for. 

I first heard of them in the spring of 2013 when they were slated as a triple header at Bruiser's Dojo in Denton with Blotter and Meat Mist (the former being the only one my dumb PV-obsessed mind at the time was truly familiar with.) Prior to the night actually happening both Blotter and Dirty Work dropped, and I wound up being involved in an escapade that gave me multiple panic attacks (another story altogether). I didn't wind up seeing Dirty Work until a year later in Houston play a day show where Trae was flinging their 7" records into the crowd.

As 2014 pressed on I got to see Dirty Work kill it three more times, one of which was their final show in KCMO. 

The link bellow contains most of Dirty Work's discography, The 7" With A Baby On It, Hard Days And Night, both Tour Tapes, a comp track and their demo.

DAWN OF HUMANS - Slurping At The Cosmos Spine

You know who this is and you don't need me to say shit. We've been waiting since the last 7". Get attit.


Devouring Ghost is the newest in a long line of Black Metal projects by prolific musician and artist Mark McCoy or Charles Bronson fame. To date this has been the sixth project of this genre he has been involved in (Arts, Ancestors, Haxan, Hollow and Devil's Dung being the prior endeavors). While most of the projects are raw and feature heavy punk influence, Devouring Ghost takes an eastern European swing at the style and comes in with the best production of any of the projects so far.Another notable feature of this project are several ambient interludes done in a very Goblin-esc manor of things. 

This LP was created as a soundtrack for McCoy's art exhibition at Weltkunstzimmerin Düsseldorf, Germany and was a collaborative release between Youth Attack and Slowboy, only available for purchase through the ladder. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

EXECUTION TAX - Twisted Illusion

I got a very pleasant surprise a couple of weeks ago. A message from an old friend by the name of Brendan, telling me that Execution Tax was about to drop a new album. For the many of you who have no clue who this band is let me fill you in; Execution Tax was a band from Denton existing from around 2010-2011 until 2012, but would pop up from time to time in 2013 before the members scattered to the wind through out the states. Execution Tax played the very first house show I ever attended and I was blown away by their style which can be loosely be likened to Raw Moon, Church Whip and Hoax.

Now what surprised me with this is not only that this record came together, but that it had new songs but from a band who's members live in three separate states. But in any case this ripper should be out on tape sometime soon, and I will be doing my best to grab up copies for distro.


Total Abuse is a punk band from Austin, Texas that in their initial run existed from 2006 to 2011. The band reunited in 2013 and has pressed on since. The bands early work was fast and seemed to give no fucks, but as their career waned on they took an approach close to what Cult Ritual was doing before fading to complete power-electronics oblivion. 

The LP above was something released in that transitional period in between what many consider to be their best records; Sex Pig and Mutt. I posted this here because I couldn't really find this anywhere else online. Enjoy the filth

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BLIND DOG - 2/26/15

Blind Dog is a band from KCMO formed sometime last summer/fall. Made up by the dudes who did Dirty Work and No Master this band was sort of the result of the end of those two bands. Blind Dog like Slimy Member of Dallas takes their name from a Rudimentary Peni song and while Blind Dog's sound is influenced by Rudimentary Peni their sound has a bit of a dbeat vibe as well.

This tape is four live tracks recorded by myself on a handheld tape recorder when Blind Dog played in Denton at the end of February. The tape will be available soon via my label, Left Hand Path Tapes.

Friday, May 8, 2015

NO CLASS - Keine Klasse I & II

No Class is a band from Kansas City that has been around for a minute. I'm not sure when they formed but their first record had came out in 2010. I'd honestly never heard of them until a year ago when I was on tour and saw them in their full glory in KCMO. I saw the group play in the basement of Worst House and they were, in my opinion, the best band of the night. 

It took me a while to track these two records down online, but get them both and mosh around in your bedroom.