Sunday, December 14, 2014

Other Women - Last Favor CS

Nine times out of ten a whim buy eventually becomes a favorite. This was a Christmas day whim buy from last year on what I believe was Diseased Audio's webstore. The band was described on the site as "Mysterious Guy Hardcore Bullshit", and my idiot self was sold. I bought it and it took me a month to finally play it but it was a something that worked for me. Scrounging the net all I could find at the time was a bandcamp with the first demo and a with the sole words "Celtic Frost Worship" (which was a much more fitting term for the band than diseased audio's profile). 

Well now that I've gotten how to rip a tape to my computer properlly here is this little hidden left over of the 2011-2012 mysterious guy trend. Mosh.

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