Friday, January 2, 2015


God bless you Mark Winter.
Going to Not Dead Yet a couple of months ago this was honestly one of the tapes I was really looking forward to getting. Tonio and Kevin were bumping online that this tape had the final Ooze recordings. That there was worth admission price of $3 alone for this badboy. 

And oh man was this tape worth it. Not only for the final Ooze songs, but new material from C.C.T.V., The Coneheads and Hot Beef. One of my favorites from this was the D-Boys song, which was a one off practice/jam sort of thing according to the notes. Also worth mentioning are the "My Butt" interludes, but I'll let you find out about those on your own.

So here it is, like the world needed further proof that NWI and Mark Winter were at the top of current punk. The only way you're probably going to get a copy of this is to dub your own copy from your boombox.

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