Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Shards-Summoning

Considering that it is Halloween, I figured I would throw up some spooky music to fit the mood. The pick is Summoning by Denton, Texas' The Shards.

The Shards was a solo, studio project by Erin Vernon of Near Neptune/Fierce Band! and was written and recorded in the summer of 2013 and released online around that time. Last Fall I put the mini-album on tape and the copies have dwindled up at this point. The Shards was one of Erin's deviations from her prog metal roots into experimentation. Several times she veered off and made some incredible music, such as a one off Raw Black Metal project in 2011, a Noise/Drone Band I helped participate in in 2012 called Ancient Machinery, and in late 2014 her and my friend Theo had began dabbling in Post/Ambient Black Metal. The Shards however was her take on dark ambient/dungeon synth done in the vein of classic horror soundtracks. Whether Erin realized this or not, the John Carpenter influence is sometimes glaring on this. 

It's sad that out of all of her solo material, side projects only one survived her computer's hard drive crashing. But I want the world to hear this tape. I'm happy to have put this out for her and I'm immensely sad that she's gone from this world. This tape shows the creativity of an insane genius, who's voice has now been silenced. Rest In Power.

An additional note, Fierce Band and Near Neptune's bandcamps are still active, I'm not sure how much of my follower base is into Progressive Metal, but they're worth the listen in my opinion.

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