Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DJ BO Cassette

Behold, DJ BO. This is a project brought to you from Ben "B.O." Osborne of Ruz and Lumpy & The Dumpers among many others. The concept of this project is that BO started writing material for himself and began using a drum machine to flesh it out. In doing so it gave him opportunities to work with people he hadn't before. In the case of 7 of the ten collaborators on this tape, never been involved in bands before. This tape is fun, and it's cool to see where each track goes. My personal favorite on this is the song with other Lumpy member Ben Smith in it's weird post punk-y vibes. Download it, jam it and as BO says in the notes "start a band".

Also, I believe there is a bandcamp up for it but there is a "band" called Mala Leche that was born of this experiment featuring B.O. and Antoine of Wild Child.

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