Monday, August 22, 2016

Marty's World CS

What the hell is up nerds???? Well it's been a minute. Life is strange, depression is hell and the world easily can bear down on you but whatever. You are here for the tunes, am I right my dudes? Hell yeah. 

On the subject of this tape, first of all I would like to say Marty is my hero and I love the dude (so much I have a tattoo now that is a reference to one of his bands). So what we have here is Marty's World a collection of the dude's most recent bands. Some I knew, others this is my first hearing. Last time I was in STLUSA he was telling me of his plans to unleash this on the world, and bless Baby's World for stocking up copies of this. 

So there's songs from Martin's most "renound" projects to date, The Dumpers and The Calories. A new track from possibly one of my favorite new bands that I'm dying to see, Mala Leche. If you haven't heard the first tape from Mala Leche, do yourself a favor and jam that puppy. A new, and final hit, from Lars. But the real juicy shit is in the new bands on this. I'd heard about Fried E.M. mostly because it was the new band of Jack from Lard Boys. I'd heard Marty talk about The Wad earlier this summer too which was cool to see them wind up on this. But BB Eye was the real surprise on here that caught my eye, featuring vocalist of other Missouri hit maker Warm Bodies. In any case, new essential jams from your STLUSA slime baron. Hit this shit and hit it hard.

Also got some more hit makers slippin' and a slidin' down the pipes, keep them peepers peeled. 

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