Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Akkolyte-Clues in the Chaospile

Chances is if you're from Dallas, or North Texas in general, you've heard of Akkolyte. If not then, Akkolyte is a long standing duo from Oak Cliff, made up of two brothers, Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez. The band has been around since about 1999 and done countless splits, one of which was with Magrudergrind of all bands. This all accumulated in 2011 when Akkolyte put out their debut album, Clues in the Chaospile. 

The album is a monster of a record, Stefan and Aaron are two of the most talented musicians in the DFW area and unliked most albums under the banner of grindcore this album never gets boring, the two are always doing something and it rules so hard. 

This album has been out for a while, you can still buy it physically and digitally from Tofu Carnage. But for those who bought the record and realized that it had no download card, then here you go. 

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