Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wiccans-Tour Tape

I have no clue how many of you actually read through this blog and gander through my posts, but if there are (or if you know me in the real world or through my social media platforms) you will know without a doubt Wiccans is one of my favorite bands. From the first time I saw them play in a smoke filled forest with a homeboy in a devo hat on acid firing roman candles at them to a few nights ago when they played during an arctic blast of a thunderstorm in Fort Worth I have never seen this band play a bad set.

Back in August I had thought that I had done the impossible and had a complete discography run of their material until Payton and Harpal both informed me I was missing two pieces of the puzzle; the 2012 Tour Tape and the tape edition of Field II. Both of which I was assured would be next to impossible to obtain. Fast forward to last friday, in my excitement to see Wiccans play a hometown set I had posted a song from Skullduggery (the dredging "Third Estate"). Former guitarist, Daniel Zeigler, now a crystal loving Buddhist Monk sent me the audio to the tour tape (with a winky emoji mind you). The tour tape is a hidden gem and something I am very grateful that Daniel sent me, for it contains three songs, two Field II demos and a song from the group that has never been released anywhere else. 

But a bit of history on the tape from the mouths of Harpal and Adam; released for an early 2012 tour before Field II was even properly mixed, the release was limited to 17 copies and spread through the midwest. The aforementioned exclusive song is entitled "Negative Space" and was intended for a compilation (what comp I do not remember.) but by the time Wiccans had sent in the track the comp was full. Plan B was to put the song on Field II but the group felt that "Negative Space" did not fit in with the rest of the record, therefore the song was confined to this tape. The other two songs are "Telepathy" and "Psychic Mirrors", demo versions recorded before the Field II sessions and played much faster than their album counterparts. 

Once more I would like to thank Daniel Zeigler for sending me this hidden gem. The tracks were one big lump when they were sent to me, for this DL I have separated them out. Enjoy!

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