Thursday, November 13, 2014

Head Trauma||The Final Raw Nerve Tour Rip

At this point, if you are into hardcore, punk or any of this style of music and don't know and or appreciate Raw Nerve, leave. 

I found out about Raw Nerve relatively a year after their collapse, thanks to the wonderful cut n paste blogspot. But what truly got me into them was hanging out with my friend Jeramy and listening to the "Midnight" 7". But for the longest time Jeramy and I would watch a trailer for an alleged doc of the final two weeks of this band's existence called "Head Trauma". Anything other than the trailer for this remained illusive. After a year or so of hunting I finally ran across a copy in the hands of an NWI mutant named Zac, a trade was commenced and now here it lies in my hands. 

I'm not going to say much other than this is an incredible insight to touring with a DIY band and Raw Nerve themselves. The rip is of the main doc, there was an extras section that contained full sets from the tour, but for the most part I believe all of those are on youtube. 

I have no earthly idea if there are other copies of this floating around in the world, but judging upon how difficult for me to get a copy of this this is probably your best bet of ever seeing it. 

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  1. hey,
    great rip of the dvd. thanks for this!!
    could you upload the complete scan of the booklet?