Sunday, July 5, 2015

Recide - Statues

I'm sure this has been posted somewhere else//other times. Oh well, I don't care. I'm posting this because Recide is a band that really never seems to see the credit they truly deserve. Let me elaborate on this; Recide was a band from Austin, Texas who shared members with other Austin bands you probably listen to. This band was the first False Form band (Albert was one half of the founding duo of that label). Recide helped kick-start the 2012 wave of punk in Texas. If you talk to most anyone from Texas about this band you will hear nothing but adoration, and with good reasoning. 

Personally, Recide was one of the first punk bands I ever saw when I started going to shows. The very first time I went to 1919 in 2012 I saw these guys. Their tape on Not Normal was one of the first demos I ever picked up. The point is, I have a soft spot for this band, and I'm happy I was there to see their final goodbye in Chicago last summer. 

All I can say is download this. Download it and tear apart your room. And thank you Albert.

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