Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mass Sterilization - Punk Sounds

Mass Sterilization was a band from Fort Worth/Denton that was around way before I stumbled into punk. Made up of dudes who would be in bands such as Wiccans, Teenage Cool Kids, Institute, Sin Motivo, Collick and more. The band's style is the blown out, messy, My War worship that was around in the day akin to bands like Cult Ritual, White Wards and SQRM. 

I don't really know why or when Mass Sterilization folded, but many times Jeramy has babbled about how they played an early show in his living room and how stoked he was on it. People seem to have forgotten about this band, or never really heard of it to begin with. It's worth the listen as well was their split with No Man's Slave from OKC. 

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