Monday, May 18, 2015

THE MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB - The Minneapolis Uranium Club Performs Human Exploration

Do you ever have something sitting in the piles of your collection, either digital or physical, that you own and it just takes you for god damn ever to pick it up and listen to it? The Minneapolis Uranium Club has been another one of those tapes for myself. I picked this tape up on a whim after hearing Kale abd Ralph make fangirl squeaks when Matt from Chuckleheads had copies of this at Everything is Not OK. Well until yesterday (mind you Everything is Not OK was in March) when crawling the depths of discogs and finding the page on this tape I hadn't listened to it. I have been fucking up my dear friends. This tape is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnated world of contemporary punk. Choppy and strange, but at the same time infectiously catchy songwriting. 

To my knowledge this is the only thing the band has released to this point, but also it looks like Fashionable Idiots is rising from the grave to give these guys an LP. So there is that to look forward this summer (as if 2015 hasn't been bogged down with crazy good releases this year). Members of this band also seem to be in Nerv and Chuckleheads; two other bands well deserving of your attention.

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