Monday, May 18, 2015


Devouring Ghost is the newest in a long line of Black Metal projects by prolific musician and artist Mark McCoy or Charles Bronson fame. To date this has been the sixth project of this genre he has been involved in (Arts, Ancestors, Haxan, Hollow and Devil's Dung being the prior endeavors). While most of the projects are raw and feature heavy punk influence, Devouring Ghost takes an eastern European swing at the style and comes in with the best production of any of the projects so far.Another notable feature of this project are several ambient interludes done in a very Goblin-esc manor of things. 

This LP was created as a soundtrack for McCoy's art exhibition at Weltkunstzimmerin Düsseldorf, Germany and was a collaborative release between Youth Attack and Slowboy, only available for purchase through the ladder. 

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