Thursday, May 14, 2015

EXECUTION TAX - Twisted Illusion

I got a very pleasant surprise a couple of weeks ago. A message from an old friend by the name of Brendan, telling me that Execution Tax was about to drop a new album. For the many of you who have no clue who this band is let me fill you in; Execution Tax was a band from Denton existing from around 2010-2011 until 2012, but would pop up from time to time in 2013 before the members scattered to the wind through out the states. Execution Tax played the very first house show I ever attended and I was blown away by their style which can be loosely be likened to Raw Moon, Church Whip and Hoax.

Now what surprised me with this is not only that this record came together, but that it had new songs but from a band who's members live in three separate states. But in any case this ripper should be out on tape sometime soon, and I will be doing my best to grab up copies for distro.

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