Friday, June 19, 2015

The Coneheads - Live With Liquids Time!

So I feel like at this point in 2015 we really don't need an introduction for The Coneheads. But for the uninitiated; The Coneheads is a three piece band from Northwestern Indiana, featuring Mark Winter of Big Zit, Ooze, Pukeoid, Guinea Kid and C.C.T.V. to name a few. Last fall they dropped their "Total Conetrol" Demo and took the internet by storm and a few months later dropped the "Canadian Cone" tape and solidified themselves as monsters of rock. 

About a month ago some pals and I ventured north from Denton to the wild, lawless land known to the world as Kansas City, MO to catch the Coneheads as well as Beta Boys and new KC rockers The Deacons. The night was fun but strange and I ended up with a copy of this tape. 

What lies inside are seven songs by The Coneheads and two songs by Liquids, a newer NWI band featuring Mark, as well as other members of Big Zit & Pukeoid playing a slowed down garage-er style of punk. The Coneheads material is all delivered in different ways than the way the songs were presented on the tapes (for the most part the songs are sped up into a traditional 80s hardcore style). This tape is fun and I'm surprised a rip hasn't already surfaced (to my knowledge), and if you want a copy dub yourself one from this. 

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