Friday, June 5, 2015

Wite Wash - Demo '15

In 2012 to 2014 there was a band from Austin called Iron Youth. When the band started they were written off as a Hoax clone and never really given much of anyone outside of the state's time. But in the time from their demo up until their demise Iron Youth mutated into something far superior to their demo. The band had taken on the rotten styling of bands such as Brainbombs and No Trend and released a 7"s worth of material in that vein. But it was too late and Iron Youth called it quits in October of 2014 members fracturing off and continuing with their other projects (i.e. Glue, Institute, Detestados ect, ect.) 

Last December when Glaassss played a botched show in Denton their guitarist Victor gave me this tape telling me Chance, the bass player of Iron Youth, had kicked this band up to give himself a creative outlet. The band can be described as a direct continuation of what Iron Youth was attempting with their final 7". This tape is completely seething with hatred for all worldly things and goes to prove that Austin still has some steam under the hood.

I don't know if this tape is up for purchase anywhere online as most of the members of this band have little to no social media presence. I really hope to catch this band soon as every word I've heard from friends in Austin has been positive about this band.

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  1. this is really great stuff, any chance to contact these guys ?