Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Erik Nervous - Shipshewana Swimming

What the fucking hell is this??

So this is a tape out of the newest batch of weirdness from Marty Dumper and Marky Cone's labels. The story to my knowledge is this is a kid from Northeast Indiana who showed up to the Lumpy/CCTV show in Kalamazoo after NDY handed off this tape to the Dumpers/NWI dudes. According to the Spotted Race store this kid taught himself how to play all the necessary instruments and how to use a four track recorder. What came out of it is some total fucking weirdo punk shit. The first comparisons I can make to this, and these are vague at best, were Devo and Uranium Club. This tape is energetic and fun and features covers of The Urinals and The 2x4's. Check it out if you haven't already and good luck scooping a copy of this Midwestern gem.

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