Monday, December 7, 2015

Nihilistic Fit -2015 Demo

Things sort of always move in waves and what-not here. There will be these ghastly dry spells and times of unprecedented creativity. I don't know what's been going on here but it just seems every minute a new band with a new face pops up out of nowhere. Nihilistic Fit is apart of a new wave of bands flowing free in North Texas, along with Ekzum, Elix-r, SSTD and the already established newcomers The Noids and Soy Babies.

Nihilistic Fit's demo was written and recorded in studio by Ryan Richie of Clear Acid, amongst other NTX bands. But the live roster features James of Clear Acid and The Sentenced, Jeramy of Sin Motivo and The Sentenced, Joey of Baja & The Blasters and Ekzum and Keaton of Smear and Ekzum. But what the music is is hardcore how I like it, noisy, fucked up and well, evil. This demo brings to mind bands like White Wards, Latisha's Skull Drawing and Cult Ritual. In short, the band I've been waiting on North Texas to produce. 

Word on the street is that they will be playing shows in January and I'm excited. I just put in the order and will be releasing the tape around that time.

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