Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sin Motivo - El Desierto

Considering that the release show for this monster is a week away, I think it's time to talk about Sin Motivo. 

Sin Motivo has been around for about three years now, starting in the summer of 2012 when Completely Fucked was breaking up. The, then-four piece, debuted in October of 2012 to unanimous acclaim in the North Texas scene and quickly grabbed up momentum, putting out their demo, online, in January of 2013. Sin Motivo appeared at a very prosperous time in North Texas, during the era of Taqueria El Picante and Bruiser's Dojo and helped foster young punks to get up and do something. The band embarked on a tour in July/August of 2013 releasing a tour tape and drafting Cody P (then of Blotter and Glue) and upon returning swapping out Cody for The Sentenced's Daniel Davis.

So with as quick as the band had moved everyone expected an LP to come out quickly. In late 2013 and through a majority of 2014 Sin Motivo stepped back and began writing and cooking up what would be El Desierto. Some of the songs in their fetal forms were debuted in that era, but were often altered from set to set. 

The full beast was unleashed in its live form at shows in December of 2014. 

So a year after hearing what would be the LP for the first time, the LP release show is coming. Now 2015 has been a crazy whip of cool and some, somewhat disappointing releases. But after I saw Sin Motivo the Breakout show in Denton last year I said that their new LP would be at the top of 2015 and goddamn right it was. 

Drawing in cues and influences from every angle of punk, from Hardcore, to No-Wave and Noise, El Desierto not once gets boring in all of its 30 minute run time. By contemporary punk standards, it's ambitious and the risks it takes are well worth it. It's not terribly often you hear something shift between No Trend influenced dirges and Cult Ritual based controlled mayhem. The title track captures every aspect of this, especially with it's hypnotic middle section and anxious final build (also check out the use of a piano in the climax!). Even more astoinding is seeing the different ways the band presents this music from show to show, no one performance is like another, from a band that is not like many other contemporary bands.

So if you haven't checked this LP out yet, I urge you to do so. This alongside, the Uranium Club LP and the Dame Demo have been highlights of 2015. Sin Motivo is having a release party for this record on December 19th in Fort Worth with OKC's American Hate and later in the month is touring Texas, Mexico and Louisiana. Check them out.

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