Friday, May 20, 2016

Hairlong N Freeky - Disco N Speeky CS

So here I sit on a Friday night with nothing better to do than put music on my blogspot and watch season after season of South Park. It could be worse, it could be a lot worse, but that is beside the point. The point of this post is Hairlong N Freeky.

This is another NWI delectable so peoplepunx of the internet get ready. I first was let onto this band by a friend who saw it posted up on Albert's (Recide/Nosferatu among MANY others) youtube channel. What I was told is that it was a tape written out by Cody P. of CCTV, Blotter and many others. The tape has Mark Winter doing spoken word over the bizzaro music and that my friends is Hairlong N Freeky. 

I had the pleasure of seeing the one HLnF performance to date at This Is Austin, Not That Great in January. Where the group expanded with a large ensamble of Austin Mutants to perform their Disco music to a crowd of incredibly confused punks. 

Here it is, take it in and let it consume your very being.

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