Friday, May 20, 2016

Nasti - The Tour Tape 2016 CS

Well again here I am on the same Friday night. And here is a fresh slice of the Northwest. This is Nasti from, Seattle/Olympia a band who's pedigree involves some of the minds that have brought us the wonderfully fucked up Vacant Life and White Wards and also includes one handsome pimp who can skateboard really good. 

I'd heard of the band here and there through the channels of the internet and didn't really connect until I met Ryan and Riley at This Is Austin and even further when I encountered the Nasti beast at Everything is Not OK (that pun was bad, please slap me). 

So this is the band's 2016 Tour tape featuring two new hits and a real nice Poison Idea cover. A little thinner sounding in the recording than their demo, but damn is it still some butt spanking hardcore.

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