Friday, May 20, 2016

Rik & The Pigs - Volume II CS

I'm sort of surprised that this tape hasn't made it to the world of the blogspots yet, but somehow I also shouldn't be. So this is Rik & The Pigs who were from Portland, but I think has since been relocated to Olympia. At Everything is Not OK, my friend Steven made the remark that this band sounds like a 1960's Detroit rendition of Lumpy & The Dumpers (not getting that Rik is "Lumpy"'s older brother.)

Steven's description is pretty dead on, this band is goofy and fun in all sorts of ways. But who am I kidding, most of you probably all copped the demo when it went up on Lumpy Rex last year. In any case, this tape is a collection of recordings of Rik and his different pigs, some from the Total Punk 7", some from the demo, and some fresh bites. It's all damn good, Off/On being a personal favorite slice. 

Get sweaty and freaky, cause this shit is hot.

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