Monday, September 16, 2013


Whoa man, if you are into this new wave of hardcore that's been in swing for this last year or two and you haven't heard about Back to Back yet, you are fucking up. No joke. I remember seeing them live at Taqueria El Picante last spring being blown away (as well as the group's other band Stagnant Youth, but we will save the fan-girling of that tape for another post). The first riff on this little EP makes me just want to smash things when I hear it. Furious riffage and a good well rounded mix behind it tally up quick and give it an edge over most of the current contemporary hardcore. 

In all honesty I cannot say enough good things about this tape (I have both the tape version as well as the new Lockin' Out 7", Tour 2012 version.) And once more if you have yet to have listened to this do youself a favor and download it now!

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