Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sick fuzzed out Hardcore from Arizona. My old band played a show with these guys when they played in Fort Worth last January. But what is really cool about this band is their back story; the band Gay Kiss was on a winter tour in early January. At some point through the tour several members had to drop out and return home, the other three dudes who were able to stay the course formed Mace Maniac, wrote a tape's worth of material and did a run of 50 of those tapes and completed the last week of the tour as Mace Maniac.

While that happened the music on this tape is gnarly as fuck. Fuzzy, feadback drenched riffs hammered out in a midpaced swagger that essentially calling forth thoughts of slamming. Vocals drenched out in reverb, one complaint is how damn short the tape is but under the circumstances it is comprehensible. 

The shame of it is that upon returning home Mace Maniac dissolved. All the while they were an incredable act to see, and the show we played with them was what I've always considered to be the best show any of my bands has ever played. Oh well, enjoy the tape!

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