Monday, September 16, 2013


Drug Problem were a rather short lived band from New Zeland. Combining elements of Powerviolence and Sludge this is one wretched sounding band. Shifting violently from spastic punk moments to crawling moments of Sludge, topped off with some of the most disturbed samples ever heard in music. Listening to the group brings Dystopia to mind very quickly and some may go as far as calling this band Dystopia worship. 

This album was initially released as a CDr by the band in 2009 and the group soon collapsed. Sometime recently though the dudes at Diseased Audio picked this album up and gave it a formal vinyl release. I believe copies of this are still available from the Diseased Audio store, but not too many is my assumption.  

Member(s) of Drug Problem eventually went on to form the band Meth Drinker who at this point have a fantastic LP out and it is worth checking out as well, but for now, here.

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