Monday, September 16, 2013


A split tape from two North Texas locals, Completely Fucked was a Powerviolence/Hardcore band and Innards is a Skramz band both hailing from the Fort Worth area. Innards many of you will know, due to the fact that they are the best band and dudes in the world and one of the foremost Skramz bands on the map. They have gone on to do many other splits with bands like The Reptilian and put out a monste of a LP called "I've Lost Everything".

Completely Fucked on the other hand were initially known as Prognosis Negative but were forced to change their name to Completely Fucked due to the existence of another Prognosis Negative. About the time of the name change they put out a tape and named it with their former band name. The Prognosis Negative tape was a speedy little endeavor with 11 Songs in 8 minutes. But with this tape Completely Fucked offered up a much thicker sound, all of the instruments sounding thicker and Ramón's vocals sounding lower than the previous tape. 

This would be the final release for Completely Fucked before they split up mid-2012 with Al and Phil continuing on with Special Guest and Jeramy and Ramón going on to do Sin Motivo. 

A great split from two solid North Texas bands, the tape has been gone for about a year or so now, but you can download it here.

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